Welcome to my life..

I am an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, looking for something extra-ordinary.

A little more about me

My name is Shreya Deshpande. I am just a wee girl. Bitten by a travel bug. A University of Glasgow student. Mostly dancing all the time. A little extra dramatic. A True Potterhead. Believes in dreaming. A creative thinker and a quick learner. Passionate. Believes in innovation and knowledge. Cannot stop thinking about food. Likes to network. Believes in Solitude. Interested in History and culture. Expressing myself through these writings. Trusts in living the present. A bit carefree and emotional. Chasing airplanes and windmills.

What will you find here?

  • My views and my experiences.
  • My wee stories.
  • My work
  • My travel experiences.
  • My inspirations and thoughts.
  • Photos clicked my me.

Recent Blog Posts.

  • I travelled with my best friend.
    My travel story of visiting Spain along with my best friend. Part 1.
  • What is wrong with me??
    My experience of dealing with ‘that feeling.’
  • I lost my passport in Paris!!
    How to make the trip memorable? Do something epic. As I mentioned in my previous blog about my solo travel, I always find trouble or trouble finds me. This day last year I was in Paris and I lost my Passport.

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